Laoura Gini is a pianist, composer, recording artist, Sound Healing Instructor and specialized massage therapist of Oriental Arts.

She holds master degree in classical piano performance and composition from National Conservatory of Athens. Her post – degrees studies include Music Therapy, Music Centered Psychotherapy,Kriya Yoga philosophy  and Pranic Healing techniques.

She also has a Master’s degree in Traditional Thai Massage from the well known ITM in Thailand, as of IIA center Ancient Ayurveda Medicine of Kerala and Pranic Healer certification from IMCKS, Bangalore, in India. With a great zeal and sensitive inclination for Natural and Holistic Therapies; she soon pursued further training in Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Rejuvenation Face Lift and Hot Gem Stones.

During her career she has given concerts for solo piano and collaborated with Greek and foreign artists in chamber music, but as a restless spirit open to new musical experiences, she also collaborated with artists from different musical backgrounds of the area of Jazz, and Ethnic music.

In a more inner search of sound and her interest in this, has taken her to India  several times, when she dealt with Nada Yoga ,(Yoga of Music) an ancient system of Indian healing music, called ”Dhrupad”. In Benares of India she studied sitar in ”Dhrupad style”  an ancient system of India classical  music and later on in N. Mexico  through Richard Rudis she came in contact  with  the therapeutic properties of  Sacred Sound  instruments , the Planetary Gongs and the  Tibetan singing Bowls  an ancient system based on the theory of Pythagoras for the Harmony of the Spheres and  the Healing Power of Sound.

With more than 20 years experience on alternative therapies, Laoura offered her skills into the most exclusive Luxury Resorts and Hotels in Mykonos and Santorini islands of the Aegean Sea, organizing famous Spa, training stuff, and treating thousands of people. Incorporating in her treatments the vibration of her therapeutic touch has such detailed ways; that a river of healing notes cleanses the aural magnetic body and you can experience and travel the universal harmonies in simple time. Her classical training and trans-cultural sensibility ensure that intellect and simplicity are always present.

In the last few years, Laoura is dedicated to organize Gong group sessions with planetary Gongs and Tibetan singing bowls in Santorini island and all over Greece.

She has composed two Soundtracks, the original soundtrack for award- winning documentary “Pelican’s Watch” and the  original soundtrack for the movie ”The first Line -Promakhos”.

Her new album ” Gong Bath- the Healing Sound” is an experience of the Sun Gong resonances and is available by ”CdBaby ”